A scientific view of how the new paradigm began is explained
 In the narrative IMAGINE (below)  where we can contemplate  
 our place as humans in the cosmic, planetary journey and our
 time and place within the current energy field. We are experiencing
 the awakening of Spirit within ourselves, enabling acceleration in 
 consciousness, ability to move beyond our egoic patterns, and
 incarnate the sacred essence of unconditional love. The first step
 in this evolutionary shift is to heal our selves while transitioning in  oneness.

     We are compelled to ask:

                  What are our deepest heart's desires?
                  What is now arising within to be born?
                  What is our gift, our "compass of joy" to offer  
                          to this new paradigm?
                  What does a world informed by our highest and
                         greatest good look like?
                  What can we do together to contribute to this
                  new planetary, co-creating, culture of peace?

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Live Peace Into Being ~
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Background We are The Chosen People


Imagine something so huge that it takes 25,625 years to make ONE complete wobble as it orbits in a circular motion in a huge and vast universe. Then, imagine ...FIVE world ages, of equal length (each 5,125 years), happening during that ONE wobble. Even more mesmerizing, is to take the world developments over that 25,625 year span, place them in their proper place of the huge cycling ball, and then notice where YOU are in that scenario of time. You are like a tiny dot clinging to the very last visible spot of the last day, of the last 5,125 year era! WOW!

Yet! YOU are the chosen one, along with the rest of us on earth today, to usher in the embryo of the n-e-x-t  New World Age! YOU, have been given the responsibility - not only to usher in the new age....but also, the responsibility to inspire others to help you, while assuring the sacred energies of love, compassion, and mutual aid. Then, at the same time, YOU are to assure that the world and all life and all humanity do not experience a total self-destruct into oblivion, instead! Some story, right?!

Well, this IS the scenario of humanity today. The Earth's 25,625 year wobble is complete, as is the end of the FIFTH world age (of this cycle) complete, on December 21, 2012 -  the winter solstice. On DEC 22, 2012 .... we celebrated the Birth of a New World Age, and the beginning of another huge cycle where the Earth goes another 26,000 year wobble in its orbit. We are human witness to the beginning of a 5,125 year New World Age.  And, our destiny is in our hands!

As never before, the cosmic energies flowing into our midst are highly charged spiritual energies, causing a great age of transitions and transformations toward what is all good and peaceful, creating great desires in the human electromagnetic system to transform and bring about 1,000 years of love, peace, and abundance in sacred communions and communities. This can only happen with a shift in human beliefs and collaborative, solution-oriented communities all around the global village. Not from governments, but from the people who can remain in their hearts of essence, even in the midst of chaos, and hold the frequency of the sacred - while actively co-creating the new systemics for a sustainable and peaceful world.

The Characteristics of our Current Cycle and of the Next Cycle are described below. Remember, we are the generation that bridges two rare cycles of time: the end of the FIFTH in a series of 5,125 each, and the beginning of the
 SIXTH, initiating the next series. Our ancestors remind us that, as the bridging generation, our choices determine which beliefs of the last cycle we will carry as the foundation for the future!       -Gregg Braden, Deep Truth, 2012  

Here we are at the very end of the past five World Ages. We are at what is clearly known as a choice point of opportunity, where the past five World Ages end, and before the next five World Ages begin. Science and history tell us very clearly that conditions that end one cycle become the foundation that begins the next. The space between the cycles is a space where neither the old or the new is present. This space is humanity's choice point of opportunity.

This space is approximately 36 years; it started in 1980 and ends in 2016,  the factual mark for the end of the 5,125 year cycle. The choice point is where YOU, and all the world, are at today. Take a deep breath! Whew! We came a long way together. Crises - after crises. As Barbara Marx Hubbard states, "Crises is the driver to change!"  Many changes have taken place, but there is still urgency. As you will note in the Characteristics of our Current Cycle, the realities of our time are, in fact, converging at the end of the cycle, opening the door of opportunity for us to change the patterns before we begin the new cycle! We can choose a destiny of peace and harmony, or we can choose to self-destruct. This really means that YOU, and the rest of the world, need to adapt to new ways of being, co-create systemics that make the old ones obsolete, and learn to transcend egoic patterns while incarnating the essence we were born with and imbue our hearts with unconditional love. It is easy to begin, and time is short. But... love conquers all! 

*Characteristics of Current Cycle                    Characteristics of Next Cycle
- An unsustainable population                        - Sustainable Population?
- Regulating Climate Change                           - Adapting to Climate Change?
- Shortages of food and water                          - Ample supplies of Food & Water?     - Growing poverty                                                - End of poverty? 
- The threat of global war                                  - End of War?
- Civilization based on competition               - Civilization based on cooperation?

* Excerpts from ˜Deep Truth, by Gregg Braden, 2012

                                                                                         by: Arvetta Souza
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The New World is born as the old world breaks away and decays.  In the universe, nothing remains stagnate .  Everything either changes and grows, or withers, decays, fades away and dies.    As above, so below ~
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