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Live Peace Into Being ~
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​    10 am - 4 pm                             7 - 10 pm
   Cambridge College                    Arlington Town Hall  
   1000 Mass Ave                          730 Mass 
   Cambridge, MA                         Arlington MA
             Celebrate DAY ONE of  a 
               NEW WORLD BIRTH:
            A Global Culture of Peace 
                     Sat 12-22-12
         See Events Below

Featured performers, presenters and exhibitors
      Tom Lena                      True Story Theater               Annawon Weedon
      kirtan artist                           ensemble                           Wampanoag 
                                                                                              tribal elder 
                 Helena Froelich and CreationDance
                     Chroi Anam Guth.png
Gandiva Lorcan - Healing Sound              Herb Pearce and Relationships
John Root of Common Good Finance
                    Rick Charanes
                        Larry Mynatt and
               Meditation Neurofeedback
          Drum Circles                              Linda Parks                               DeLuna
          Satyenna Ananda                                     Sloat Shaw  - Artist
     Starseed Retreat Center                                  "After the Flood"
        Sandra Daitch                       Mary Rosebud              Children's Activities
       Laughter Yoga                            Massage

          Let's Create a Better World!  Powerful - Transformative - Necessary

   A World of Peace - Sustainability - Opportunity - Prosperity - Happiness - Love
          THANKS to our SPONSORS and Supporters  

Dear Friend:  

Welcome to the Birth 2012 Boston Hub!

If you, like us, feel the call to assist with the Birthing of a New Age for humankind, we invite you to join us in co-creating a CELEBRATION for December 22, 2012 to welcome this Historic Event. 

The Maya Elders have been sending us the message of the Planetary Shift for over 5,000 years! Our lives are now moving at warp speed to help us birth a new era of a Universal Humanity, in which we experience the awakening of Spirit within ourselves, incarnate the sacred essence of unconditional love, grow in consciousness, and co-create a peaceful, sustainable, and prosperous world.

Many of us are resonating with the call to evolve ourselves and our world in which we, as embryonic universal humans, connect to higher consciousness, hear our inner guidance, heal our egos, express the genius and potentials we all have within us, share resources and collaborate with others on community and global projects, and joyfully communicate clearly and lovingly from our Hearts. 

       Artist, Daniel B. Holeman,                        
A Home of:  Birth 2012 Boston