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            CALENDAR ~ 2016

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​​Live Peace Into Being ~

Live Peace Into Being

  Learning is a lifetime process. 
 Ongoing growth in knowledge creates
   greater awareness and personal potential.
  Adding a little everyday to our knowledge base
births Transformative energies ~
(Most seminair programs are downloadable the following day...
                               so you can listen and learn at your convenience.)                     

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OUR ORGANIZATION ENERGIES:  Fundraising,  Educational projects, Cell Memberships,  researching new paradigm endeavors for a healthy, sustainable world ~ accelerating in doing things differently in an evolving culture of peace.

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ARTS CELL, page 1   (view Member websites to observe current education,                                              creations and activity!):

     Werner John Events (performer, composer, flutemaker) - ​
​                                                    www.flutewalker.com

     Colors In Motion ~  Linda DeHart, Founder/Artist  

ARTS  page 2

     Color Scape Studio ~ Louis Henri Pingitore, "Light Beings" Artist


     Earth Harmony Wellness   ~    Dianne Chalifour, Master Healer

     Brain  Awakening  ~    Joellen DiLibero, Energy Specialist 

     Cancer 3 Minute Cure ~   Gregg Braden Video in China 

     EAV Energy Testing   ~    Vera Sachs 


     Cosmic Spirituality ​

     Uninhibited Spirit  ~    Tara Le Ann Erickkson  ~ Blogger & Journeyer  

      Inner Spaces Meditation Center   ~  Rita Cleary, Management


      Exaptive ~                   David King  - Innovative New Tec Tool!


     New Paradigm ~ Ego Recognition  ~ Ego Destroys Love  ~  Ways to Find Peace ~

     The Peace Perspective ~  Mike Markovski's Children's/Adult Book , 2014
​              " Seeing the world in a new way." 

RESONANCE - The Essence of Co-Creating & Conscious Evolution  ....

A Guide Book for Start-Up Resonant Groups
Co-Authored by members of the Spirituality Section of the Virtual Co-Creative Community, spearheaded,
co-authored and published by Arvetta Souza. Endorsed by Barbara Marx Hubbard, & includes excerpts of her writings on Cosmic Spirituality.
​"Resonance and the synergy of co-creating - in which the whole is greater than the sum of any of its parts - are at the core of our emerging new species." 
(Click on book - go to Amazon.com).
          Growth through Book Study ~ The Essential Code ~

Interested participants meet online (free conference calls). Please contact Arvetta by using the CONTACT bar below, state your name and address, and email.   Book is available  - click on book for order site.  You will be contacted with ongoing dates ~ do visit The Essential Code website (click on link below) for more information. 

​Our thrust is on fundraising and making connections to promote peace education. We are most appreciative of all leads and ideas that assist in our goal, including a person of expertise in fundraising who loves to assist in the next evolution by helping in the promotion of peace education!   
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