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 Videos ~
 For your enjoyment and enlightenment ~

Live Peace Into Being ~


Gregg Braden: YouTube -

Sharing the deep truths of
  today - some of the false       assumptions of science and why
  today's text books are obsolete ~
     Jonathon Raidt:Religion, evolution, and the ecstacy
                         of self-transcendence 
         Gregg Braden:  The Key to True Harmony
     Gregg Braden: a must see 2013 video ..... how to
  pray, how prayer effects world peace, how to make
  the effects last, etc.!
       Barbara Marx Hubbard on Birth 2012.com
How to Double Your Brain Power - all 4 Parts  (Note:
Advertisements pop up at the beginning and mid way -  quickly click on arrow to "Skip Ad" for ongoing concentration)
​Dr, Burzynski - Cancer is a Serious Business
                      We live in A Living Universe

​        Path to Personal Responsibility 
                    Excellent video ....ENJOY!

​                    Clink on link.....



​Of Sound Mind and Body:  John Beaulieu - Jeff Volk - Excerpts
(www.cymaticsource.com: Jeff Volk)  - Sound Healing
Love - Makes the World Go Around, from IRAQ
              International Cities of Peace - 2013
               What is Sacred Theater? 

New Era Business:
.. New Testament insight of Barbara Marx Hubbard... a glimpse at her new PBS documentary (now being filmed 8/2013)
Biology of Believe - by Bruce Lipton  (Full Documentary)
  #1           Soul Purpose Branding  -  Gifted 2013 Sabrina Messner -  Soul Lessons                     #2

"Soul Purpose" author embraces Messner    -       Tim Kelley: New Paradigm of Business #4 --                                                                                                     When Hierarchy Is a Bad Choice



             - Evidence for Reincarnation.  

            by:  Professor Bruce Greyson
300 year old assumptions and the truth we now know ...  old ways of thinking has led to many of the problems we see today, and looking at the BIG BIG picture to see how to embrace these changes - understanding the cycles !!