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~ Live Peace Into Being ~ 
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                  Peace Cells ~
"Incubator Cells" of Co-Creative Innovation
                An Evolving Oneness  
    'Generation One' of the New World Era

The Source of Creation motivates us from within. We are structured
to bring together people and actions that when connected can co-create the planetary culture arising every where in our midst, but not yet connected or seen as a whole system.

Peace is possible when and if we all do our part. The individual inner work and the collective outer work of peace merge to create "critical mass" that can and will shift humanity to a whole new experience. . 

Peace will happen, but when depends upon each of us taking action on its behalf.

 A "PEACE CELL" is birthed by a collaborative group of mutual interests coming together to co-create their mutual 'compass of joy' for the benefit of a sustainable, peaceful, and prosperous world. The
Global Peace Wheel* above describes twelve categories (or 'cells') of an evolving community. Each 'Cell; represents people/groups who love what they do so much that they just have to keep on doing it. Their inner genius and higher potentials burst into being in an innovative and resonant unified field - while co-creating their deepest heart's desire in innovative environments of unknown possibilities - co-creating toward a world that we have previously only dreamed of. Choose to be an Active Member (as a group, or as an individual),  to Co-Create with others. We live in accelerating times, NOW is the time to participate in the culture of peace! 

 Each Co-creative Cell/Group requires an Administrator to facilitate organization, a procedure of consent, and an ongoing connection to the larger Administrative body. Each group meets separately under peaceful protocol of co-creating guidelines. with all "Cells" meeting together for sharing, resources, and feedback as it is deemed advisable for a coherent process. As science teaches us, "...everything is connected to everything else" - the 'whole' being more powerful than the sum of any of its parts. Together, as members,  all 'cells' are part of the 'whole', co-creating new possibilities into being, evolving into oneness for the sacred destiny of all humanity.
*Simulation of the 'Wheel of Co-Creation' by Barbara Marx Hubbard

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               Co-Creative  ~  Innovative  ~ 12 Spheres of Life 
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          ARTS  1  Pg 2            Colors In Motion, Flutewalker, Color Scape Studio(2)

                 GOVERNANCE              New Era Sociocracy: Principles & Methods

              MEDIA                         PR, Outreach, Understanding Frequency

              ENVIRONMENT            Innovative, Sustainable Solutions (processing)

              HEALTH                        Brain Awakening, Earth Harmony Wellness, EAV

                  JUSTICE                     Justice  -the infinite foundation of Peace

                  SCIENCE                         Profoundness of life/planet. Gregg Braden Video

                 RESOURCES  -INFRASTRUCTURE -   Exaptive Tech Tool

                 EDUCATION                New Paradigm, Ego Recognition, The Peace Perspective

                 SPIRITUALITY          Cosmic, Uninhibited Spirit, Inner Spaces Meditation,

                 RELATIONS              Vibrations of the Heart, To LIVE, The Way to Peace 

                ECONOMICS              The New Economics: Schumaker College 

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​            "Peace in Motion" Incubator Cells
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Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.                          - Unknown