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 To exist is to relate to others and life itself - to live is to 
evolve in our ability to do so - to transform from form into
formlessness requires transformation to peace, a new species that exists in the essence of who WE truly are, with a deep love and awareness for all that is.

To have a relationship requires a response from both sides;
otherwise there is no relationship.  Avoidance of relation-
ship is avoidance in personal growth and awareness, which is often present in egoic patterns, denial and a lack of ability to 'let go and grow'.
(Refer to Education Cell: Ego Recognition)      

Experiential learning in a resonant field of love and acceptance creates
 self-identifying environments - where the light and energy of transitions and transformations emerge within the evolutionary process of living peace into being.

The Way to Peace ... is to Incarnate Resonance 

"Resonance is a state of inner connection with the essential self,
which opens to spirit and flows through the heart to create
an interconnection with others.
In practice, resonance is a vibrational energy in which our
preconceptions are set aside so that
truth is heard and spoken with love and compassion.
It is the foundation for peace, co-creation, and conscious evolution."

Copyright 2012 Virtual Co-Creative Community

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"The relationships we have with the world are largely 

determined by the relationships we have with ourselves." 
   --Greg Anderson

You have a choice.  Do you want to be right, 
or do you want to be loving?
Most of the time, you can't be both.

    Are You Codependent? ~ August 9, 2015

Check out the above Blog on Relationship Tips to discover the answer.
Codependents are loving and caring people who are overly concerned about the problems of others
... instead of taking the time to care for their own needs.

       Vibrations of the Heart   . . . .       to others and the world    . . . .     to cosmic consciousness
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