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Live Peace Into Being ~

  Inspirations ~  "The value of your life is 
          determined by the amount of love you used in
          creating it."   Panatole Petrovich Kononewsky
                                          Author, Composer, Film-maker, Entrepreneur

  Global Oneness 
Global Declaration of Evolutionary Interdependence.

Key Elements of Co-Creating    by Arvetta Souza

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the 'Omega Point'

Everything Evolves by Arvetta Souza

When you lead with your head, you are
directed by life experiences, past decisions,
lessons learned (mostly) "the hard way", 
and commonly fear.  When you lead with
your heart, you are directed by the vast
universe of Love with faith in the unity of 
humanity living in harmony with the divine.


Mastery is not about perfection, but practicing it; like a moving star,
we can use our guiding star to move toward our potential. We often
veer off and dabble in another way ... the obsessive! We eventually
discover we were right the first time out!

Mastery means diligently, patiently, persistently, playfully, goal setting.
Goal setting without action is a pattern for failure. Mastery is to love
it so much that for every mile we take toward our goal, we hope the
destination was further away! Work hard, don't be lazy.

In Mastery there are endless climaxes like in the movies or 
media with no plateau.  We have to get into the plateau to love
it! We make life a practice, now.  Meditating every day!

The question is: What are our practices? Consistency on the 
fundamentals is the hallmark of success. Remembering that
we have a homo status point (genius),  recognize that; you
can continue to push beyond a normal state. Honor it!

~ George Leonard


I / WE Pledge

To Embed the Oneness of the Universe:
A Bonding of All Creation ~
Interconnected Life, Earth, Air,
Fire and Sun, Water and Sea.

I / WE Pledge

To Seek Understanding, Loving Forgivness,
Compassion and Coherence ~
Integrity, Justice, Wisdom
Peace  and Unity.

I / WE Pledge

To Co-Creatively Generate
A Humble and Sustainable Community,
Truth, Love, Beauty of the Universe & Soul
Earth, Humans and all that is
As One Inter-woven, Divine Whole.

- Arvetta M. Souza (1990)
 Oneness Symbol    by Arvetta Souza

 Freedom's Historic Perspective 
                     by Arvetta Souza

 THE EGO: An Evolutionary Hangover -
                     by Ron Friedman- Vistar Foundation

Oneness - The Heart of Spiritual Peacemaking

 Click above for Universal Oneness Symbol
Leading with the Heart ~