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 ABOUT US:  Administrators / Consultants
​  Administrative Hub

   Arvetta Souza, Founder & Administration  
  Malden, MA  USA

    “I am... called to the sacred destiny of humanity by enabling transitions and transformation                  through   education, mentoring and co-creating for the future of the New World era." ~ Arvetta            Souza 

    Spirituality has always been her thrust and passion: over 20 years in Pastoral Ministry, 3 years in
    Mental Health Board, 3 years Cosmology & Spirituality (Dr. Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry), 
    Retreat Facilitator, Certified Soul Therapy Practitioner, 6 Barbara Marx Hubbard Courses –
    Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution, 2 years Senior Org Member/Spirituality Coordinator:
    Virtual Co-Creative Community; plus lifetime studies in various business, humanitarian, and
    spirituality arenas. Arvetta’s recent compass of joy is the development of collaborative,                       evolutionary communities for co-creating and promoting systemic and sustainable changes for           the new world – focusing on the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts, US, and possible virtual       group(s) from 'ever-where'. She was an active administrator on the Hub of Birth 2012 Boston.​  

     Memberships: Humanity's Team, Association for Global New Thought, The Peace Alliance,
    Foundation for Conscious Evolution, National Association of Distinguished Professionals and             chosen for promotion in the 2014 Women of Distinction Magazine.(Dec 2014 Issue).

    Arvetta has published two books (2012): The Essential Code – Feeling the Urgency of Your Heart,                            wwwTheEssentialCode.com/book; and a co-created book of heart-to-heart witness, Resonance – The
    Essence of Co-Creating and Conscious Evolution (co-created by The Spirituality Group of the VCCC and               endorsed by Visionary, Barbara Marx Hubbard). Books are available on Amazon.com.

    October, 2014 Radio Interview with Marissa from the National Association of Distinguished 
    Professionals and their partner company, Executive Broadcasting Channel radio program:
    Year 2015 Honored Member of National Association of Distinguished Professionals; three
    page presentation in their March release Women of Distinction magazine with inside cover. .


    Linda DeHart,  Networker, Creative Artist & Visionary  
​    Cambridge, MA
    617 354 8916

    Linda's many and varied talents and energies are a 
    treasure and often priceless additions to not only us
    but to to the local and global community.  To view
    more insight about her expertise and artistic talents
    please go to the ARTS CELL, page 1.  

   Mike (Mire) Markovski, Finance & Administration                       
   Sterling Heights, MI


When you discover your essence of peace and love, it transmits a vibrant and radiating energy from your heart out into the world.” ~ Mike Markovski

Live Peace Into Being is here to help others discover their oneness with the universe.

Mire, my given Macedonian name foreshadowed my destiny and deepest passion in life. ‘Mir”, in Macedonian, means peace, which has been an undercurrent presence throughout my life. Although I had a highly successful career in accounting for over 25 years, 16 years as a Controller, I knew there was a higher calling to be fulfilled.”

In December 2012, Mike decided to follow his heart and devote his life to helping people live more peaceful lives. To that end, he started his own company, The Peace Perspective LLC, in January 2013. He knew that in his heart, this was the best decision for him. This inspiration was true, because in hindsight Mike had felt the most joy when coaching children in sports (10 years), or teaching them the self-esteem course he created (15 years). Helping children to awaken to their greatness and feel the joy of being alive was an exhilarating experience!  

“By being an administrative member of Live Peace Into Being, I now have enhanced my opportunities in helping people awaken to the peace and oneness that is our destiny! “  

Memberships/Certificates/Volunteering: Children’s Self-Esteem Class: Teacher (1999-2013), Parenting Class & Conference Certificates (2013, 2014), Member National Association of Distinguished People (2014), Utica Schools Volunteer Teacher Assistant (2014)

Mike’s published book: The Peace Perspective ~Increase Your Child’s Self Esteem by Helping Them to Discover a Peace Within (2014)  www.thepeaceperspective.com 

    Kathy Szaj                                                                              
    New York, NY 
   The Linking Verb: Educator/Life Work Coach. 
    Instructional Designer/Presenter.
    Learning Strategist. Writer/Editor.
    Location: Greater New York City Area
    Industry Professional Training & Coaching


    Live Peace Into Being ~ 
                                                   www.livepeaceintobeing.org                       info@livepeaceintobeing.org
   We are "Live Peace Into Being" -- Boston MA

We are evolutionary leaders and Agents of Conscious Evolution,  based in the Greater Boston, MA area who are dedicated to the emergent Culture of Peace. Our vision is of a co-creating community that manifests healing and peaceful transformations in a harmonious and Heart-centered world. We aim to initiate co-creative, educational celebrations and greater awareness through "Peace in Motion" and Innovative "Incubator Peace Cells" where individual/group genius and potentials spontaneously unfold into making an impact toward the kind of world we have previously only dreamed of.  Groups work in collaborative/circular leadership. 

Our process aimes to access the higher frequency of our Being and align with the Heart-centered evolutionary impulse of the new paradigm.  Participants co-create ongoing educational, experiential opportunities to evolve self and others in awareness and greater consciousness , gentle mindfulness, and community Celebrations emerged in joyful, peace-filled, resonant hearts .

We Can Provide Transformation through Peace

Interview with Executive Broadcasting Channel September 2014 
Audio - 43 Minutes - click on underlined name  8 mp3.