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Live Peace Into Being ~

​  ARTS CELL  ~ Page 1,  
 Live Peace Into Being ~
"In A New Theory of Growth, a brilliant essay by Esko Kilpi Oy, we are reminded that artists are not isolated actors; creativity and innovation occurs only in the context of cultural connection.

“The sociocultural context matters because creativity is a systemic rather than an individual phenomenon. Workable new solutions to our most pressing concerns will not appear by themselves as isolated ideas of independent people. Creativity is born in connections and in enriching interaction"     ---June 2014 Kosmos Publication

Arts connect the world through many educational, spiritual, and entertainment venues, videos, movies, websites, media, and inter-connects all Cells of the Peace Wheel. Spiritual theater goes beyond the realm of media, to an Ecstatic Attunement of body and soul (video below).



Werner John - Composer, performer, flute artisan                                                              
                               Music Sample:  "Rest"  (click here)  - Flute and Harp

 WERNER JOHN has long been drawn to the evocative
 voices of ancient wood flutes. For the last 25 years he
 has endeavored to follow this passion wherever it leads. 
Today, he can be found in his workshop designing and
 handcrafting flutes; in his studio working on newly com-
 posed music; or on stage exploring long lost sounds of 
 our home planet in his Flutewalker Story Concerts. 
 Werner's unique musical art is a blend of indigenous,
 classical and nature elements which can soothe the
 stresses of life while evoking our roots and a sense of connection to the natural world.
​"Colors In Motion" - http;//colorsinmotion.com - http://dehartart.com
   10 Dana Street, Cambridge, MA   617 354 8916

                            Linda DeHart: Founder and Creative Director

   Linda DeHart - works with a creative team to create Audio Visual Art for large
   scale video platforms.  "Colors In Motion is dedicated to bringing beauty and              centered calm to our busy lives by providing cutting-edge environmental                    display content, which shifts people's moods in public spaces, to help forward-          looking facilities reach new audiences and clientele." They engage the human 
   spirit by beautifully and slowly merging the original forms of Visual Art, Music,            Dance, and Poetry composited together, and experienced on monumental digital      screens. View three of their many audio visual meditations below.

   NEW:  MEDCALM LAUNCH SPRING 2015 ~ The beauty and calm of these
   Touchstones will become available to patients in hospital rooms.  It is a part
   of 10 Programs titled "Colors In Motion: Fine Arts Experiences", an exclusive
   collaboration with Medcam, provider of relaxing & calming video content to
   hospitals throughout the US.

                                      <iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/
                                      80716266" width="500" height="281"
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               Walking in Beauty - ​http://www.colorsinmotion.com/Touchstone V30.html
The music of Danish musician Niels Eje (http://www.MusiCure.com) blends in a harmonious and loving balance with a stunning visual journey through Linda DeHart’s (http://www.DeHartArt.com) paintings. Digital Compositor Christopher Graefe evokes new dimensions by relating natural rhythms of sound and form, of separation and reunion, of peace and reminiscence. Visit http://colorsinmotion.com to experience more art that changes peoples moods in public spaces.

                                    <iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/
                              video/51584100" width="500" height="281"
                                 frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen
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             Since 1984, Linda DeHart's vision, Flags of One Family -
http://www.colorosinmotion.com/Touchstone V22 - along with Mother Earth's Lullaby have symbolized what unites us all - our humanity and our likenessMeg Brooker and Emily Mott dance the beauty of people working together while held in the lilting embrace of composer Ed Van Fleet's ( edvanfleet.com ) music. This inspiring global message was both photographed at Noyes School of Rhythm (noyesrhythm.org) and composited by Christopher Graefe. Visit ColorsinMotion.com to see more art that changes people's moods in public spaces.

                                        iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/
                                        video/68518422" width="500"
                                       height="281" frameborder="0"
                                    webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen

   The Dream - http://www.colorsinmotion.com/Touchstone V27.html
Fulfilling Colors In Motion’s mission of contemplative inspiration, Christopher Graefe composites a kaleidoscopic offering of Meg Brooker’s reverie with the mystical intonation of Chinling Hsu and the rhythmic undercurrent of Angel Sananda's composition. Learn more about Meg Brooker at mb-arts.com. Learn more about Chinling Hsu at ChinlingHsu.com. Hear more of Angel's work at soundcloud.com/angel-sananda. Visit colorsinmotion.com to experience more art that changes people's moods in public spaces.
Comment:  Mesmerizing, flowing vibrations of beauty ~ Arvetta  Souza

Located in Cambridge, MA USA

Colors In Motion Collaborative Team:
  Linda DeHart - Creative Diector
  Meg Brooker - Dance & Movement  
  Susan Bayley - Writing & Communications
  Holly Campbell - Tech. & Web Master
  Andree Cordella - Branding & Marketing  
  Christopher Graefe - Artistic Director, Videography & Composition
  John Howe - Business and Spiritual Consultant
  Chinling Hsu - Crystal Bowls & Chanting
  Josh Hummell - Music & Soundscapes  
  Shannon Jamieson, Esq - Arts Attorney
  Elissa Melaragno - Creative Facilitator  
  Jeff Volk - Poet, Cymatics and Sound Healing 

 Sacred Theatre ~

 Conscious Evolution 
 through ectacy ....

 Myth is the 'bigger  picture'~ 

 Sacred Theatre...
 ...what is it?  And how  does it affect our soul~  our personal  development?