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      COLOR SCAPE STUDIO   ~  Louis Henri Pingitore     617 - 201 - 2597
             '   A new form of photographic compositions  of light'

       5 Pemberton Street,  Cambridge MA 02140  - Tuesday & Saturdays 12 - 6pm


  "Lustral (adj; a ceremonial purification)"
As we know (or have assumed), space is finite. Light, we have been told, is infinite, never-ending. These photographic compositions,  seek to show, through the shutter of my camera, how space and light can create infinite visual possibilities. These endless permutations allow me to create images that had never existed until my camera captured them; thereby reversing the usual course of photography by capturing images before their existence.

These light beings have their own cycle. First they did not exist. Then they were photographed into digital existence and given a title--using a "found" English word. Finally they were printed into aluminum sheets (a new medium for preserving photographs) and framed; creating tangible, real objects that can be seen as existing in the world. These hardy creatures may last for thousands of years, but eventually, as all things do, they will fall apart, crumble and turn to dust. The sequence of events from non-being, to being born into existence, and then developing back into nothingness, mimics our human lives.

All humans experience the recognition of infinities within us, which are contained within the finite space of our bodies. We are all made from the same materials and live within finite spaces. But natural light, in its metaphorical and spiritual sense, animates our being. Just as we often marvel at how beings are born, and sometimes we are in awe of the being that light is: beautiful and fradgile. ~ by Louis Henri Pingitore

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Louis Henri Pingitore is the son of a U.S. diplomat, Pingitore was born in 1963 in Paris, France. His childhood was spent living in far-flung outposts such as Mogadishu (Somalia), Oran (Algeria), Peshawar (Pakistan), and Port-au-Prince (Haiti), alternating with a year’s post at home base in Washington, D.C. As an adult, Pingitore has also traveled widely, visiting countries as diverse as Cuba, India, Indonesia and Kenya. In 1989, he made his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he now lives with his wife Oksana, their son Victor, daughter Zaida, and their two cats. 

An avid photographer since childhood, Pingitore had a breakthrough in 2009 when he developed a new photographic expression of light. He has studied extensively under the artist-instructor Remy Dubois at FACIL-Art, a Cambridge-based, French-American language and art collaborative. Dubois has praised his work as “hauntingly beautiful,” and declared that Pingitore “has created a new form of photography.” A recent review by Gallery 263 (Cambridge) has called Pingitore’s work “absolutely stunning.” Pingitore is a member of Cambridge Art Association, North Cambridge Arts Association, Gallery 263 (Cambridge) and the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston. His work can currently be seen at Wofer’s Lighting, (Allston,) Mount Auburn Hospital, (Cambridge,) The Elephant Walk Restaurant (Cambridge,) BoConcept Design Harvard Square (Cambridge,) and Boston Properties, 325 Main Street, Kendall Square (Cambridge.) As well his work is scheduled to be on exhibit in several galleries in the Boston metro area;   please check the exhibit schedule for dates and times. His work can also be seen at Color Scape Studio by appointment.

                          View Louis' Gallery -

                          Bathe your soul with unique variations of beauty ! 
         Wolfer's Lighting, 103 North Beacon Street, Allston MA
        Elephant Walk Restaurant, 2067 Mass Ave, Cambridge MA
       Boston Properties, 325 Main Street, Kendall Square, Cambridge MA
                         (between the Coop and Legal Seafood)
                       Promotional Video:  Click to view

Louis' photographic images and Colors In Motion's signature rhythm offers a new way of seeing in human evolution with an expanded perception of the color spectrum through light filled moving colors. A mesmerizing experience.   
View this vibrant color art form in the Collaboration with Colors In Motion Touchstone: "Light Beings."    (Allow time for vimeo to load...turn speakers on)

For public art performance rights and fees please contact. 

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                    TOUCHSTONE  May 2014: Light Beings from Colors In Motion  on Vimeo