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~ Live Peace Into Being ~ 
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   Mission Statement  ~    

              With 12 Spheres Mission Torch  (below)

     " Peace is the key to all knowledge, all mystery, all life."
                ~ Essenes Gospel of Peace (Dead Sea Scrolls)
​                                (written 2500 years ago!)


     *Co-create and celebrate Heart based communities to experience an accelerated emergence              in the global culture of peace and Oneness.

     * Initiate collaborative, transformative events and cellebrations grounded in educational peace

     * Foster elements for transcending patterns of our human conditioning, enabling expansion
        in personal and collective holistic development.

     * Instill the revelation that "everything is connected to everything else - and that every
       thing is energy - that " the energy connecting everything in the universe is also part
       of what it connects."  by Gregg Braden, 'The Divine Matrix' ( Originally by Thomas Berry)

​     * To revel in the realization that we, as sentient beings of light, are free and fully capable 
       at this very moment in time, to co-create a universal reality of Truth, Love, Mindfulness,                      Gratitude, and Compassion - necessary elements for Oneness Consciousness.

We gather together as a deep communion of pioneering souls from every race, nation  
   religion who experience within ourselves the emergence of a Universal Human,
   a co-creation of new worlds." by Barbara Marx Hubbard


    * The birth and development of a transformed humanity inspired by the emergent global
       culture of peace thriving in Oneness counsciousness .   

     * A world in which one's essence is a beacon of inspiration and empowerment
       sustained by peaceful and mindful pioneering communities.

     * A peaceful transformation to a sustainable, healthy and prosperous world.


     * Foster individual and collective environments of peace and Oneness.

     * Foster  and exhibit new innovative and sustainable systems among individuals, businesses,              and communities through our innovative Peace Cells representing the 12 Spheres of Life.

     * Inspire Co-creating of the new world by supporting new and innovative ways that are working
        in the world and encorage dreaming and developing new and greater possibilities.

     * Initiate outreach in evolutionary programming;  present educational events on living peace                into being with cutting edge developments that support a new and better world and a                          vibrant and sustainable planet.  

            " Small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos can shift the whole system to a higher order."
                                                                                              by Barbara Marx Hubbard

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Strive for Transformation through Peace

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