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     Live Peace Into Being ~

This Cell is for Innovative and Sustainable Environmental Solutions  -        participate, share your genius and develop greater potential while 
       helping others of like energies and heart-centered passions!  

 Share your gifts in co-creating a better way by
representing one of our 12 Spheres of Life Cells ~
expose your active work and compassion to the
unaware while educating and motivating
those in evolutionary transition !

Join our co-creative community, gain wider exposure and enable others to live peace into being.

Our energies expand from the inner world to the business world, educational 
and health institutions, and all aspects of life ! 

"God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called."~ unknown

Pearls of wisdom from Gregg Braden… 

“How can we possibly be resilient to the changes if we’re not honest with ourselves about those changes? We are now living a new normal, and there are a lot of really good things happening in this new normal.” 

“I am an optimist, and I’ll say that right up front. I have never been more optimistic about our lives -- our nation, all nations, the world -- than I am right now. And it’s for this reason: We now know what doesn’t work. We don’t have to guess any longer. That creates an opening that is rare, and from my perspective, it is also precious. In that opening, there is a willingness to embrace new ideas. ” 

“Nature is based upon a fundamental model of cooperation and mutual aid, rather than the competition, struggle, and conflict that we have been led to believe based on Darwin’s ideas from the mid 1800s.” 

Refer to Gregg's new book:  'Resilience from the Heart'
October 6, 2015

​                        Co-Creating Healthy ENVIRONMENTS