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  ~ Live Peace Into Being ~ 
      Science  Cell                       

​Science is humanity's path from 
     uncertainty to certainty,  
   forever unfolding the new ~

The Science of Interconnection
  creates Oneness of all that is. 

Cutting-edge discoveries in science have profound implications for
 how we live our lives,
 the way we define our relationship to each other,
 the world around us,
 and the existing vitality of our planet. 

         Gregg Braden: The Deepest Truth of Our Existence - 
                    Interviewed by Nathan Crane - YouTube
 How can we thrive in the new world if we’re focused on 
           waiting for the old world to return? "

The Turning Point! Thriving On The Edge of the World's Perfect Storm

~ Gregg Braden ~

A new world has arrived and life as we've known it in the past has changed forever! The question is no longer, "when will a great shift occur?" The question now is, "where are the changes leading, what can we realistically expect, and what does it all mean for us—our families, our communities, our lives?" 

In his compelling new lecture, bestselling author and futurist Gregg Braden marries
 his expertise in science and technology with the deep wisdom of the world's indigenous elders to answer the questions on everyone's minds: What does our changing world mean to us and what can we do to ease the transition? 

Join Gregg and discover the keys that help you:
• stay healthy
• adapt your finances and lifestyles accordingly
• find your life's purpose and live a fulfilling life
• provide sustainably for your families 

This is an in-depth wake-up call to the unsustainable systems of everyday life. It's also a vehicle to identify the discoveries and solutions that give new meaning and new hope for the positive new world that is emerging before our eyes! 

​Gregg Braden - Produced  2013 - A must see....
(referenced video re healing of a tumor is on our Health Cell - pg 1)
"There's as many atoms in a single molecule of your DNA as there are stars in the typical galaxy. We are, each of us, a little universe.”

                        ~Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist