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 Uninhibited Spirit ~ 
          Up Close and Personal

~ Live Peace Into Being~
    Spirituality Cell - page 3

               Tara LeAnn Eriksson  ~
  Blogger and Journeyer
         Singer, song writer,
             and servant to the universe 


Tara is a world traveler with a voice and heart of an earthen angel.  Her  experiences are wide and varied, always seeing the awesomeness of spirit embedded in all that she encounters.  

May our readers enjoy her expanded vision and world view while being uplifted in the joyous
beauty and inner and outer spirit that Tara so endearingly shares !  

​                                                                                Info about how  this beautiful recording was                                                                                   made on Album website:

​                                                                                 December, 2014 Blog:

​                                                                                 The Stillness of our Wild,                                                                             Natural World,                                                                                              Inner and Outer ~

​                                                                                       Sit down, take a deep breath. Close 
                                                                                       our eyes, and feel how your body is
                                                                                       connecting with whatever you're
​                                                                                       sitting on .

If you've had exposure to any chemistry or physics, you know that most of physical matter is actually space, with tiny bits of matter zipping around, vibrating as atoms. The couch under me is vibrating a "couch" frequency, which this body interprets as a solid surface on which to sit. And yet, when I tune in, I can feel that my own atoms and those of the couch are sending vibrations that affect each other. The heat from my atoms warms the couch, and in turn, I am supported and can feel the somewhat flexible surface curving around my bottom, in response to my weight.

Most of us spend almost all of our time in contact with and surrounded by man-made things. The interplay between these things constructed by the human mind and our bodies has a very different quality than when we are in contact with organic substances, such as dirt, plants, or stones.

I recently spent a week in the Imfolozi Game Reserve in South Africa, on a trek with the beautiful "Animal Communicator," Anna Breytenbach. During that time, a group of ten other human beings and I spent five days and four nights out in 30,000 hectares of wilderness, with nothing but what we carried on our backs. We slept outside, under the stars. Humans are so uncommon there that we didn't have to protect our food; the other beings living there did not recognize it as edible.

We carried in the human, mental activity has created the man-made world most of us know best. As the days passed, this dropped away into the background. Walking in silence on trails
 created by white rhinoceros, we began to melt into the landscape. After three days, it was as if we walked as one being.

Imagine sitting beside a nearly-dry riverbed. There are no sounds created by humans, other than some rustling of backpacks and footsteps. The hot wind, coming in rather intense gusts, carries the scent of forest fires far across the river and, occasionally, the sounds of buffalo. On the trek in the morning, you have encountered white rhinoceros, giraffes, baboons, and many birds, as well as tracks and droppings from elephants, hyena, and lions. Now you are on a lunch siesta in the intense heat of the day, under the shade of a large Ficus salicifolia tree.

Although the wind is hot and powerful, there is a sense of perfect stillness. No human mental activity is present in this vast, boundaryless landscape. All beings, from infinitely small to the enormous swells of earth coming up from the banks of the river, are seamlessly connected. The moving creatures such as wasps and birds are suspended, carried by the invisible atoms of air, along with dust from the hills and smoke from the forest fires. Each moment unfolds in perfect harmony, a dance of living beings following the flow of existence with no doing, no effort, no interference from ideas.  All is one.

This experience has given me a stronger awareness that this same stillness exists in me, and in all of us. Jesus called it the "kingdom of heaven."

I am grateful to know that I have access to it in every moment. When I remember this, I have infinite access to Source, to All.

Halleluja! Isn't life amazing?!?


P.S. I'm profoundly grateful to Anna Breytenbach ( and Peter Raimondo ( for their loving leadership on this wonderful trek. What I have written here has also been enriched by my reading of "Becoming Animal" by David Abram (