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Robert Harrison, Natural Health Consultant
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Energetic Products with Xtra-Ordinary Healing

When we started writing about health products years ago, work on energetically enhancing your bodies ability to fight disease and improve health was in its infancy. As a consequence, improving health energetically seemed something useful to do, but not vital.

Quantum physics had proven that everything was essentially energy so, why not deal with the basics. Visionary health professionals talked about how, in the future, energetic medicine would be the strongest form of healing. Now this vision is coming true.

With the development and release of a series of powerful frequency enhanced elixirs
starting in May, 2008 using energetic frequencies to improve health and fight disease is now possible. The Energetic products we are going to tell you about are proving to be powerful healing supplements.

The principle they work on is simple. Research has shown that water will vibrate at the energetic frequencies they have been exposed to. The developer of the Energetic Elixirs has been able to concentrate and stabilize these frequencies so that when you take a little of these elixirs, the fluid in your cells also picks up this vibration and respond to it. The Elixir is essentially delivering a message to your cells. Depending on the vibrations being delivered, the cells will be stimulated and influenced to respond in a variety of ways. This is essentially what homeopathy does. The difference lies in how the Elixirs are energized and in the fact that the energies use have great ability to stimulate healing in 
your body.

All of the Energetic Elixirs use the ancient model of healing based on subtle vibration and energy to discharge patterns of disease. Energy healing has been used for thousands of years in many cultures throughout the world via a wide spectrum of modalities from breathing and movement techniques, to meditation, acupuncture and natural herbal remedies. What brings about dramatic healing from the above-mentioned energy modalities is the transfer of subtle energy to the cells guided by vibration. The importance of vibration cannot be overstated in terms of how subtle energy communicates with our cells, enabling them to change their structure and function. Vibration encodes how the energies are used by the cells.

They are not at the very top of the list for fighting disease because they work by stimulating a response in the body and if your body is not in good shape, that response gets diffused. So in general the "hard" supplements like Omni Elixir Version 2, Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ, etc must also be used. The Elixirs are the extra punch that helps these products work better.

How I Use Energetic Testing To Find....
The Best Health Products Available

A decade ago, when I first started looking for the best health products and supplements to recommend, I found that the choice all to often came down to making a best guess. An educated guess, but still a guess. Even after talking with users, manufacturers and looking at all the information available, it still felt like a lucky guess. By the nature of their marketing, virtually every product looks and sounds great, but are they really as good as they seem? I’m sure you know the feeling, wondering if some product is really as good as it sounds? Or just a few well chosen but empty marketing words.
My concern was and still is, to find the best health supplements out there. The more I know about the products, the more I can help people find what they need. The more I can help people find what they need, the more successful I’ll ultimately be in helping mankind achieve it’s highest level of health and fitness.

So, I am always looking, checking out new products and changing over to those products if they are better than what I currently have. As I mentioned earlier, in the first few years my experience was that the choices I was making were always an educated guess at best.

Then, in 2005, I was introduced to what I call Energetic Testing. This enabled me to better determine what was good, not so good and what was great. It was a skill I had to learn and one that I have developed over the years.

Energetic Testing involves accessing the energy field that we are all a part of and that underlies everything. By comparing the energies that different health products have in relation to how effectively they will work with the energetics of the human body, I have found that this works extremely well in determining which are the best products we can offer our customers.

Quantum Physics

Here is a more scientific explanation.

Quantum physicists, while looking into the nature of all that is, discovered that at a fundamental level, the universe is essentially energy. Energy that is interconnected in a vast quantum field, with everything connected to everything by this energy. It is something like being a part of an invisible web or grid. I think of it like the internet but, more connected. You can directly access any energetic information if you have the intention and understand what you are doing.

According to Quantum Physics, we are essentially quantum energy. As such, there is a constant exchange of information within the quantum energy field that underlies physical matter. According to the physicists, all living things emit an energetic frequency, or subtle vibration. When I energetically test someone or something, This is what I tap into. This energy is crucial to biological life, which may be why so many of the highest rated products I test are energetic in nature. They are more fundamental or, work at a more powerful level in the body.

​In the body, information is relayed on this quantum energetic level. As an example, experiments have proven that there is a light energy communication between cells that does not involve nerve pathways.

Since we are part of the universe, our body and mind must operate at the quantum level, with information pulsing simultaneously through our brain and body. There must be a continuous interaction between the subatomic particles of our brain and body and the quantum energy field of this universe. According to the physicists, we are literally connected to and made of everything in the universe, the Quantum Field.

To more fully understand how energetic we are, how at the most basic level, that vitamin or herb you are taking is essentially energetic, you need to understand that when the nature of the universe is investigated using quantum physics, atoms and subatomic particles are not really solids. When quantum physicists look into the components that make up atoms, electrons, protons, etc., they find that they are not objects. Even though they may behave as particles, physicists have discovered that particles at their most fundamental quantum level, have no actual size or dimension. That they are really not particles. Rather, they have both qualities of a particle and a wave. This is known as the complimentary principle. There are no exceptions to this wave-particle principle. It appears in all matter, including light.

Physicist David Bohm, in plasma experiments at the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory, found that individual electrons act as part of an interconnected whole. The discovery lead to what some call the principle of Non-Locality which, as part of the wave/particle duality, means that everything is connected. Matter and events interact with each other without regard to time, space or distance.

Related to Dr. Bohms discovery is Bell’s Theorem; a quantum physics law which says that once connected, objects affect one another forever, no matter where they are. Thus a line of energy will always connect objects that have been connected in any way at some time.

Michael Talbot, in The Holographic Universe, gives his description of matter as “ a ripple… a pattern of excitation in the midst of an unimaginably vast ocean”.

“..the universe does not exist in and of itself, but is the stepchild of something vaster and more ineffable.”

Thus it is possible, once you learn how to do so, to make a connection to something irrespective of time or space once you understand it. The way I energetically test a product is through establishing an energetic line to it and asking for an energetic 'rating' of how good it is. This method has proven to be quite valuable in helping me determine what is very good, and what is not as good.

The accuracy of these energetic ratings seems to be born out by the experiences of product users. The higher the rating, in general, the better the feedback. This is a skill that must be learned and you must be as clear as possible to get a good answer. As quantum physics has said, time and again, the observer affects what it sees.

I’m not perfect, but I’m pretty good at checking out products.

Energetic Testing Scale

The energetic testing range I use goes from something that has an unhealthy reaction in the body like, for example, genetically modified foods, which energetically test at a 10, (0 is the bottom of the scale), to something that is good for your body and will promote health which could be in the tens of thousands. I find that the vast majority of health products have a rating of 300 or less.

There are some links on the left of this page that will take you to different groups of products we have to offer. You’ll learn about them and can also see their energetic rating. The higher the rating, the better the product in my opinion.

Here at Get Healthy Again, we hope to be of service and wish you the best of health.

You can order any of these supplements by clicking on the link below, or by giving us a call. Please feel free to email us with questions or concerns at


Robert Harrison, Natural Health Consultant

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