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The purpose of this Blog is to extend greater exposure to  the essentials of
being peace and living peace into being.  Arvetta's book, "The Essential Code", is  revealed
in detailed excerpts.  These profound insights gently expose a loving breakthrough process to unconditional love embedded in the higher frequencies of spiritual consciousness.
~An open-heart journey evolving into the awe and ecstasy of self-transcendence.

Let us continue . . . . . .

The Essential Code - Feeling the Urgency of Your Heart    Balboa Press 2012  See the
Calendar Tab (Navigation Bar on Home page)  for book info and link to the Book's website


"And the time came, when the risk to remain tight in the bud
was more painful than the risk it took to bloom."


The spirit cannot be boxed in, and neither can spiritual growth !  What would the masters think of
the dogmas if they were here on earth today--Christ, Buddha, and all the others who are transcended
souls of a cosmic loving presence?
There is a time for all things !  The evolutionary path of humanity is a constant, changing, growing
process.  The path to evolutionary consciousness demands "stepping out of line" from the norm
(the repetitive and mundane lifestyle of common, shared beliefs and rituals).   The profound
incubates and evolves out of the mundane and unfolds into a deep and illuminating divinity.​  
Spontaneous healing of beliefs is not an end to our world; neither was the end of the Mayan calendar.
They are just an end to our illusions and the path to advancing one's soul to an illuminating destiny.
The choice is ours. 

The choice is urgent; the old world and its ways have been breaking down, no longer serve us.  The 
divine energies of the new world age sustain the sacred synergies, as presented in the "Essential Code".
Our choice is the difference between the fate of humanity and a divine destiny---a "turning of the heart"
to a loving energy, pulsating a synergy of sacred waves connecting with the cosmos; along with new
co-creative global systems that sustain the integrity of planet Earth and humankind.
These are not passive thoughts.  It's urgent and vital to the preservation of Mother Earth and her various
species of life, including ours !  Otherwise, the question is, "Do we wish to live or fade away?"
We have seen the world's chaos and destruction release in a matter of minutes.  Is anyone listening ?
Is everyone sleeping?  Nature's alarm is screeching for human awakening and loving action.

"Sometimes that's all it takes: One person doing the seemingly impossible
in the presence of others.  In witnessing the limits broken,
they can then hold the new possibility in their minds,
because they've personally experienced it."

(Gregg Braden,  The Spontaneous Healing of Beliefs,
Hay House 2008, 108)

"The Essential Code" book offers narratives of educational life stories and everlasting, 
life-enhancing tools for gaining an educated and informed conscienceenabling one to let
go of the limitations that bind and transcend the ego that controls.  These are the preliminary steps for transformation to a new species: a universal humanity
and a resonate future of cooperation, community, oneness, and a 
joyful and balanced existence.

The Essential Code is our heart-intelligence, centered
in evolutionary consciousness.

             Everyone matters and everyone is responsible for co-creating a culture of peace .

"Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!"   -- Mike Dooley

End of Issue 2

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Fulfillment = Letting go of who you are 
                       to become the person
                                 you were born to be ~

          Weekly Blog . . . feeling the ecstasy of self - transcendence ~      Issue 2