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​The Weekly Blog  ~ Issued bi-weekly ~            Previous Issues: #1 & 2 (click above boxes) 

The purpose of this Blog is to extend greater exposure to  the essentials of
being peace and living peace into being.  Arvetta's book, "The Essential Code", is being revealed
in detailed excerpts.  These profound insights gently expose a loving breakthrough process to unconditional love embedded in the higher frequencies of spiritual consciousness.

~ An open-heart journey evolving into the awe and ecstasy of self-transcendence.

Let us continue . . . . . .

The Essential Code - Feeling the Urgency of Your Heart    Balboa Press 2012  See the
Calendar Page (Navigation Bar on Home page)  for book info and link to the Book's website


"And the time came, when the risk to remain tight in the bud
was more painful than the risk it took to bloom."


Science is urgently challenging all humanity to change, to shift our thinking and our way
of being in the world; to co-create a new, sustainable future or become extinct.
Scripture's greatest message -- to love and live in unity and peace
(co-create a loving and sustainable world of cooperation and mutual aid)
is embedded in cosmic urgency: change the heart of perish !

Change begins with each individual.  To effectively change the self, each person needs
to know how he or she participates in aspects of the human condition that bind us to 
outdated patterns and beliefs that hurt - not help - us as a species, as a planet.   Each
person is being called to "step outside the box," beyond dogma and the shadows of
life, to discover the profound as it emerges through the mundane of our everyday lives.
In the  Essential Code, Arvetta Souza,  creates a foundational, step-by-step process to
stretch the mind, educate the conscience, and cultivate the soul.  When each of us dares
to let go of who we are to become the potential we were born to be, we birth a new species
in harmony with the planetary shift, and the essential, sacred energies 
flowing from the cosmos. 

The ​ Essential Code is a developmental tool for those awakening to the transformation
already occurring in our midst, offering the clarity of a breakthrough "Code" to
understand our potential and the urgent call for unconditional love --a 
massive energy that pulsates, vibrates, and flows from 
our "cosmic transmitter," the human heart. 

"When we understand us, our consciousness,

we also understand the universe and the

​separation disappears. "

Amit Goswami, physicist​

"If  you see your path laid out in front of you -- Step one, Step two,
Step three -- you only know one is not your path.
Your path is created in the moment of action.  If you can see it
laid out in front of you, you can be sure it is someone else's path.
That is Why you see it so clearly."



Love, gratitude, compassion, co-creative synergies and systemic sustainabilities,
appreciation, cooperation, and
Live Peace  Into  Being
   from a Heart embedded in the essence of our spirit-being.

             Everyone matters and everyone is responsible for co-creating a culture of peace .

"Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!"   -- Mike Dooley

End of Issue 3

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          Weekly Blog . . . feeling the ecstasy of self - transcendence ~      Issue 3