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Home Page                    Welcome. Educational Insights, Members, Sponsors, 
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                                        Educational & Inspirational Quotes and Videos,Mp3 Interview

MIssion                           Our Purpose, Mission, and Vision Statements, 
                                         Art: 12 Spheres of Life Golden Torch 

Background                   We Are the Chosen People!  How the New Paradigm Began,                                                 Compelling Questions, Imagine (A.Souza), Art : New World is                                                                                                                                  Born

About Us                        Administrative and Consultants info (with Mp3 audio interview)

Calendar                        Events and Opportunities - "The Essential Code" book/ Web Link.

12 Peace Cells              The Peace Wheel with the 12 Cells, Info about the Cells and group
                                        protocols, Peace in Motion, Innovative Cell Colors and Links to                                                 each Cell page(s) Art : 12 Spheres of Life Golden Torch

Inspirations                   Global Declaration of Evolutionary Interdependence,
                                        Key Elements of Co-Creating (A.Souza),  "Omega Point" by
                                        Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Everything Evolves (A.Souza), 
                                        Oneness Symbol link, Freedom's Historic Perspective (A.Souza),
                                        The Ego: An Evolutionary Hangover (Ron Friedman, Vistar Fdtn)
                                        Oneness - The Heart of Spiritual Peacemaking (James O'Dea),
                                        Leading With the Heart (vs the mind), Mastery (George Leonard), 
                                        I/We Pledge of Oneness to the Universe (A.Souza)

Resources                      Page One: Ongoing Insight and FREE Educational Opportunities.
                                        Page Two: Calendar and Registration Links for Upcoming
                                                           Educational Programs and Guest Speakers

Donations                      Donations page for supporters, sponsors, and those wishing to
                                        make a huge difference by helping us create public events of                                                   insights and peace education, cutting-edge new world innovations,
                                        and celebratory events.  YOU can help make a world of difference!

Contact US                    Send us a message, ask questions, leave your info for one-on-one
                                        contact and dialogue.  

Videos                            Watch a large selection of cutting-edge, informative YouTube                                                   videos ~ Latest add: "Does Consciousness Need a Brain?"

Birth 2012 Boston         Coverage of December 22, 2012 Boston, MA Events celebrating
                                        Day One of the New World Era. ( Organized by Boston Team:                                                   Arvetta Souza, Elisabeth Taylor, Margaret Arndt, Betty Walker)

Evolutionary Hubs        Other Hubs active in co-creating the kind of world we all want:
                                        Oneness of Heart resonance manifesting a peaceful, sustainable,                                           healthy and prosperous world where all that one,
                                        inter-woven divine whole.

Our Dream Board          Messages to the Universe ~ 

Peace Cells: The Twelve Spheres of Life, Cell Represenatives and Info

Arts                                Page 1:  "FluteWalker" ~ Werner John (Comfort in the Night 
                                                      Musician and Flute Maker -       3mp now playing)
                                                      Listen to the flowing waves of beauty on his Sound Track~

                                       "Colors In Motion"  -  Linda DeHart  ~ and "DeHartArt"
                                       Artistic digital content for public places.  Vimeo "Touchstones"  with
                                      meditative programming of Colors in Motion, soft music, and flowing
                                      dancers creating peace flowing into being.  View these Vimeos:                                               Walking in Beauty - Flags of One Family ~ The Dream  ( a                                                       Kaleidoscope of dance!)  Soulful beauty ~  Located Cambridge, MA

                                      Page 2:  "Color Scape Studio" - Louis Henri Pingitore
                                                     A new form of photographic compositions                                               
                                      View this vibrant color art form in the new "Touchstone" vimeo by
                                      the title, "Light Beings" ~ the first collaborative work of
                                      Louis' photographic frames and Colors In Motion mode of moving,
                                      flowing black/white frames giving way to the vibrant colors of the                                             universe. Mesmerizing experience ~  View Louis' Gallery of artistic
                                      flames of color  ~    Located in Cambridge, MA

                                      Page 3: "Wholetones" - Michael Tyrrell 
                                                    Healing Universal Frequency Music - Universal sounds
                                                    with instrumental music of today brings ancient healing
                                                    tones into today's mode. UTube explains frequencies.                                                                                                                         

Governance                 New Paradigm Mode - 

Media                            Informative, Conscious Media, Educational Releases ~                                                             VIDEO: Understanding Frequency:
                                      The Miracle of 528 Hz  ~  Solfeggio and Fibonacci Numbers           
                                              (Tuning in to the frequencies in the Universe) 
                                      VIDEO:  The Kindness Challenge                   

Environment                Co-Creating Healthy Environments and Sustainable Solutions

Health                           Page 1:  Evolutionary, Cutting-edge, Energy Medicine &                                                                    Healing 

                                      Science teaches us that everything is energy!  Matter is Energy ~
                                      Cosmic black holes are energy ~ Energy Medicine is our Future.

                                        Cancer healed in 3 minutes: video witness by Gregg Braden ~ 

                                                   Brain Awakening - Joellen DiLibero CP 
                                                   Crossinology, Integrated Healing, Central Inner Alignment,
                                                   and much more.   Located in Danvers, MA

                                                  Earth Harmony Wellness Dianne Chalifour
                                                  Ordained Master in The Order of Malchizedek,
                                                  Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Children's Programs.
                                                         Located in Wakefield, MA

                                                  Vera Sachs - HHP - EAV -  A Holistic Health Practitioner                                                         provides personal consultations in Bio-Energetic Screening,
                                                  Functional disturbances of body organs and Food and                                                             Dietary supplement sensitivity analysis. The purpose of this                                                     program is to identify root causes of medical issues and                                                           design a program to meet the needs of your body.   

                                       Page 2:  Get Healthy Again - Robert Harrison  EnergeticProducts                                                   for health and healing; scientific based and doctor trusted,                                                       custom energetic elixirs and wide range of health products                                                       with extra-ordinary healing benefits.             

Justice                           Justice is an Infinite Witness in all things, in all areas of life.
                                        Without justice, there is no peace!

Science                         Discovery, Truth, Future   Cutting-edge discoveries in science                                             have profound implications for how we live our lives; the way we                                             define our relationship to each other,  the world around us, and the                                         existing vitality of our planet. VIDEO:  Gregg Braden ~ The Deepest
                                      Truth of our Existence.

                                     "The Turning Point -- Thriving on the Edge of the Perfect Storm"
                                      We  are now aware that the world is not going to return to the way it
                                      was; question now is how do we move forward?  Compassion and                                         cooperation, new and sustainable systemics in an attitude of                                                   gratitude, and more ..... a must see video by Gregg Braden (2014) 
                                      We are,  each of us .... A Little Universe                                                         

Resources/                   Exaptive - David King ~  A Technological tool 
Infrastruture                 Exaptation is the biological phenomenon by which traits originally                                           adapted for one purpose are co-opted for a different purpose,
                                      often with great evolutionary implications. Feathers, for example, 
                                      thought of as a tool for flight, originally evolved because they                                                   trapped heat. Exaptive, Inc. was founded on the belief that this                                               phenomenon  human insight and innovation, such as Gutenberg
                                      inventing the printing press after seeing a wine press at work in a                                           vineyard. By creating a software environment in which such                                                     conceptual boundary-crossing is possible through the repurposing                                           of data, algorithms, and visualizations, we envision a cross-                                                     disciplanary potential for discovery, creativity, and innovation.

Education                     New Paradigm ~ with the 'pause point' 1980 - 2016 
                                       Ego Recognition ~
                                       When is Your Ego in Play?  What happens when you are                                                                                                      offended?
                                       Ego Destroys Love  ~   The Way to Peace      

                                      The Peace Perspective (book) ~   
                                         What parent does not want to see their children have a life of inner                                                                          peace and love?  Author: Mike Markovski

                                           Our Deepest Fear ~ (Quote)

                                      Business and the New Paradigm -  2 Videos (by Tim Kelley)

                                      Transformational, Inspirational Movies (films for Evolving Minds)                                                                   

Spirituality                    A Cosmic Spirituality: Cosmic spirituality defines  "all that is" as                                           one, inter-woven divine whole.  Author, Arvetta Souza

                                      Our Soul Work - Author, Tanis Helliwell 

                                      Religion of the Future ~ Albert Einstein

                                      Page 2:  Inner Space Meditation Center and Gallery -                  

                                      Page 3: Spiritual Blogger and Journeyer -  Tara LeAnn Eriksson 

                                      Reference to Videos on Science Cell:  "Must see...." Gregg Braden                                                                        

                                     To exist is to relate to others and life itself - to live is to evolve in our                                        ability to do so - to transform from form into formlessness requires                                          transformation to peace, a new species that exists in the essence of                                        who we truly are, embedded in a deep love and awareness for all                                            that is, fully responding from deep vibrations of the Heart. 

                                       ARE YOU CODEPENDENT?     Terri Cole's revealing Blog ~            

                                   Page 2:  Evolutionary Relationships / Partnerships (C. Hamilton) 

Economics                  Schumacher College (UK) . . . "finally, a Master Degree program
                                      to shift world views."   Julie Richardson, designer, states, " I think
                                      that this really gets to the nub of the issure of where values come 
                                      from, whether ecological thinking is enough in itself.  I don't think it
                                      it is.  I think it is very important to the understanding of a healthy 
                                      whole system.  But the issue of values is more about the                                                     evolution of consciousness."   An ecology of human                                                             consciousness unfolding through holistic self development.                

  Note:  Please turn your speakers very low to a soft sound for listening pleasure of
             Werner John's meditative flute and his Album, "Comfort in the Night' with
             9 song selection playing automatically.. 


Set your Speakers on low for listening pleasure...